Shirley Rohde

Shirley S. Rohde, Author

Shirley began her writing career on an old typewriter on the piano bench when her first daughter started school. Over the years the typewriter was replaced by a word processor and finally, a computer. A short story course led to the publication of her first stories in Quilt World Magazine. The course said, 'write what you know.' And she did know about quilting! As her family grew she often said she wrote between the washer and dryer. always putting her family first.

Her published works include short stories, inspirationals. articles, and gradually graduating to novels, which now appear as ebooks on Amazon. Also included in the ebooks is a compilation of her shorter works, including her articles about marquetry. a wood craft she and her husband enjoyed.

The inspiration for writing was there ever since she told stories to her grammar school friends. Subjects came from her Bible studies, the love of history and personal experience as a nurse, wife, and mother . Her children are grown now, grandchildren complete her life. She and her husband live in PA where she continues to write. She still enjoys quilting and most of all, reading.

Faith is the Kingdom, Destiny's Drum and The Green Country, Sisters in the Sun and Crosswinds are available in print and some used print as well as for the Kindle and My Trail of Leaves is available for the Kindle through

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Shirley's Novels

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FAITH IS THE KINGDOMFaith is the Kingdom book cover

When his marriage falls apart and his own faith is being questioned, David Andrews, a small town minister, begins to read in the newspapers, about people who have been touch by mysterious miracles, changing or saving their lives. At the same time the name of Ben Joseph, an itinerant preacher, has surfaced in connection with some of the events. Doubting his faith more than ever, and feeling the desperation of needing to put some tangible meaning to his calling, David sets out to find the illusive preacher. What he learns about himself along the way puts new meaning to the term saving grace. Click here to get your copy for Kindle today!


DESTINY'S DRUMDestiny's Drum book cover

Beth Anders, 16, disguised as a boy, leaves her home in Maryland to find her young brother, who has run away to enlist for the North in the Civil War. In Pennsylvania, she is captured by Confederates and sent to the Colonel's home in Virginia to help his wife. Beth finds the children are grown, spoiled and demanding. They make her life unbearable. Only the oldest son, Captain Bowand, who has brought her to Virginia, seems kind and considerate, but he returns to his unit to fight in the battle of Gettysburg. Beth's life is a series of challenges to survive her captor's hatred and to devise a plan of escape. She didn't expect to begin to care about the Bowand family. Click here to get your copy for Kindle today!


The Green Country book coverTHE GREEN COUNTRY

Leaving their home in England in 1683 to escape Quaker persecution, the Turner family braved the crossing of the Atlantic to establish a life in a new country, America. The voyage and early settlement had it's share of challenges, but Rachel, the eldest daughter, held on to her promise to return to her homeland after helping her family make their claim in William Penn's territory in Pennsylvania. She fell in love with the pristine green country and its strange people. Her plan to return to England began to take an unexpected turn when she met an indentured servant named Jonathan.Click here to get your copy for Kindle today!


SISTERS IN THE SUNSisters in the Sun book cover

When Elise Waller returns home from boarding school, she hopes her family will become more filled with Christ's peace. Her father, however, thinks only of his business schemes, her younger sister is filled with rebellion, and her step-brother has his own bitter dreams. Lost and confused amid their dark emotions, Elise still clings to her faith in God. However, when her father plans her marriage as a business deal, and even Trevor, her childhood love, seems to care more for her sister than he does her, Elise's faith falters. Will she be forced to accept a loveless marriage, or will God's love somehow prevail? Click here to get your copy for Kindle today!



Crosswinds book coverWorld War I may be raging in Europe but Nettie Homes, the younger Waller sister, feels defeated within the safety of her once loving home. Her husband, Derrick, would rather fight in the front lines than witness another traumatic miscarriage. They have lost two babies and now Nettie must bear the fate of her third pregnancy alone. She takes control of her father's silk mill, bringing welcome changes to the burdened employees. Equally determined to prove himself, Derrick must complete his military service despite loneliness and regret. Will their marriage prevail against the crosswinds of love and war? They must each master turbulent currents. Click here to get your copy for Kindle today!


my trail of leaves book cover

My Trail of Leaves

A Collection of Short Stories, Inspirationals and Articles

This collection of short stories, inspirationals and artcles includes an interesting variety of topics and also articles written for the art of Marquetry. Interesting to read! Click here to get your copy for Kindle today!


Mile and A Half by [Rohde, Shirley S.]

Mile And A Half

Growing up in a canal lock house was bad enough but having a school teacher step Mom was more than he could stand. Josh hatched a plan after reading Mark Twain's book about a prince who wanted to see what the rest of the world was like. His adventure took him away from his lock house to unfamiliar places. Like the prince in Twain's story, he began to look at home in a completely different light. A historical tale for the young and the young at heart.Click here to get your copy for Kindle today!



Charade by [Rohde, Shirley S.]


The story revolves around an affluent family and their hopes and dreams. In the middle of the family is Marsh, a man who has always been more grounded in being himself than adhering to this unwanted lifestyle. A murder has been committed. Coincidentally, Marsh has disappeared. The hunt is on. And, as they say about mysteries, the plot thickens!! Click here to get your copy for Kindle today!